We would like to tell you: what our vision is, what our approach is and who we are.

  • Clear vision
  • Hands on mentallity
  • Compact and experienced team

Our vision: the subscription business model offers enormous opportunities

Recurring Company helps organisations to establish and develop successful subscription models. We are convinced that we are only at the beginning of the subscription economy.

You don't have to be a multinational like Netflix or Amazon to create recurring revenue streams. With the right insight and a planned approach, startups and SMEs are also able to introduce promising subscriptions or memberships.

Advantages of the subscription as a revenue model

  • Recurring, predictable income
  • More value for customers and by customers
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Higher marketing efficiency
  • Continuous ‘market research’

Our vision is based on the following trends

online mobile

Online access always within reach

Nowadays, users have 24/7 access to content and services via mobile devices. This enables organisations to communicate with their customers continuously, but also to sell and distribute their (subscription) services more easily than before.

What also helps is that data storage and processing costs are becoming cheaper. Providing one-to-one services has thus become technically possible and affordable.

From possession to usage

Consumers attach less and less value to 'ownership' and more often prefer a service that simply solves their 'problem'. A good example is Swapfiets: for a fixed amount per month you always have a bike at your disposal and you do not have to buy and maintain an expensive bike yourself.

You see this trend all around you. In the business market, one no longer buys a software package, but rather chooses a flexible solution in the cloud, often in the form of a subscription.

Swapfiets subscription model

Striving for convenience and inspiration

Users strive for convenience, with less attractive tasks being outsourced. One example is meal box supplier HelloFresh. This service provides new recipes (inspiration) and delivers it to their home (convenience).

Business users also want convenience and inspiration. Take for example the LinkedIn Learning subscription, which gives companies continuous access to all kinds of learning materials. This allows them to offer their employees tailor-made solutions, without having to continuously purchase all kinds of separate courses.

The battle for (the data of) the end user

The one who has the (customer) data, controls the future', is what you often hear. And rightly so. The problem for companies without direct customer contact, such as Unilever, is that they do not know their customers enough.

What is the solution? Start a relationship with your customers, like the Dollar Shave Club does. For a fixed monthly fee, you get the razor blades of your choice. This not only generates recurring revenue, but also valuable market research. That's why Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club for € 1 billion.

Dollar Shave Club

Our approach: with these steps we build your subscription model

1. Analyse & Validate

Together, we explore your situation: market, business model and existing propositions. And we investigate the potential of the subscription model for your organisation.

Our tools:
  • Intake meeting with the client
  • Interviews with customers
  • Desk research
  • Business model canvas workshop
2. Build & Adjust

We build a 'Minimum Viable' subscription to test in the market. What we learn from this, we use to refine it further. The result: a well-founded subscription model.

Our tools:
  • Market & competition research
  • Focus groups of customers
  • Test campaigns
  • Build - Measure - Learn
3. Roll out & Scale up

We supervise a controlled roll-out to the various customer segments. Scaling up marketing, distribution and customer service. Setting up a (financial) dashboard.

Our tools
  • Marketing analysis
  • Acquisition channel optimisation
  • Retention strategy
  • Dashboard development


Auke van Stralen

Auke has been developing services for long-term subscriptions and contracts for over 25 years. He has done so in various management positions for listed companies in telecom, energy and waste. He continually strives to add value, so that both clients and companies benefit.

He is also a coach for start-ups at Rockstart and teaches innovation at two MBA's.


"That's not how we do it here"

I was surprised to see that salespeople were renewing contracts every year. It turned out that they were rewarded for doing so. "And is there also an incentive on the duration? They hadn't thought of that yet.

What started with annual contracts in telecom became four-year contracts in energy, five-year contracts in waste. "Impossible long durations", everyone cried. In the meantime, Auke has developed contracts with a term of 15 years for Het Meetbedrijf. And his record is 19 years, as a subscriber to the Donald Duck ;-).

Bas Verhoeven

Subscriptions are a common thread in Bas Verhoeven's career. As a marketing manager, he introduced numerous subscriptions to the market for multinationals such as Wolters-Kluwer and Vodafone. As a consultant and interim marketing manager, he also helped many SME organisations to increase their recurring turnover.

Bas regularly writes about digital marketing, customer experience and strategy on the leading blog site Frankwatching.


"You're being pretty stupid to make that a subscription"

I remember exactly when the power of subscriptions dawned on me. When I met the marketing director of Wolters-Kluwer, I proudly showed him a handbook that we published annually at my previous employer. It contained updates on developments in the field, followed by a sales campaign. Every year.

"The conversion on that annual campaign is always pretty high," I told him proudly. The director listened to me politely, fell silent and said, "Well, you're being pretty stupid not to make that a subscription."

Derk van Amstel

Derk van Amstel has been active in the subscription business for more than 20 years. It started with newspapers at De Persgroep, later the magazines of Sanoma and the digital side of it, and finally as a marketing consultant, doing Lifetime Value calculations, acquisition, activation and churn reduction for Fitchannel (subscription to home sports) and Oot Granola (fresh granola periodically on your doormat).


"Long-term subscriptions are the ultimate proof of loyalty"

What I like about subscriptions? The beauty of subscriptions, especially long-term subscriptions, is that I think they are the ultimate proof of loyalty.

Our experience