You'll learn in practice how the subscription model works but also through great professional literature. We selected the best books for you.

Top 3

The best books on the subscription business model

  1. Subscribed, Tien Tzuo
    Bestseller in the US, and that's no coincidence.
  2. The Automatic Customer, John Warrillow
    Practical book, packed with current cases.
  3. The Forever Transaction, Robbie Kellman Baxter
    Kellman Baxter learned the trade at Netflix.


Subscribed, Tien Tzuo

Top 3

De best books on business models

  1. Business Model Generation, Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur
    This 2010 classic has lost none of its power.
  2. Business Model Shifts, Patrick van der Pijl e.a.
    Practical book with many current cases. Also read our review.
  3. What's your digital business model?, Peter Weill & Stephanie Woerner
    Indispensable insights into the ideal digital business model.

Top 3

The best books on lean

  1. The Lean Startup, Eric Ries
    Learn the 'build-measure-learn' cycle.
  2. The Lean Product Playbook, Dan Olsen
    Includes info on the Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
  3. Lean Analytics, Alistair Croll & Benjamin Yoskovitz
    Super book about (the right) data, measuring and steering.
Eric Ries
anne janzer

Top 3

The best books on subscription marketing

  1. Subscription Marketing, Anne Janzer
    Specific tips and techniques for subscription marketing.
  2. The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook, Étienne Garbugli
    On e-mail marketing to grow your SaaS.
  3. Retention Point, Robert Skrob
    Recruiting subscribers, nice. But how do you retain them?


Top 3

The best books on proposition & service design

  1. This is Service Design Doing, Marc Stickdorn e.a.
    Comprehensive handbook with all service design tools.
  2. The Design Thinking Playbook, Patrick Link & Larry Leifer
    Not just design thinking theory, but lots of examples.
  3. Value Proposition Design, Alexander Osterwalder e.a.
    Zooming in on the 'value proposition' in the business model canvas.
marc stickdorn

Top 3

The best books on innovation management

  1. Ten Types of Innovation, Larry Keeley
    Learn to look at innovation differently.
  2. The Innovator's Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen
    A bestselling classic on disruptive innovation.
  3. No Rules Rules, Reed Hastings
    Insights on why Netflix is so successful.


Top 3

The best books on start-ups

  1. The Startup Owner's Manual, Steve Blank
    Motto: 'Get out of the building'.
  2. The Innovator's Dilemma, Clayton Christensen
    Prevent success from holding you captive and innovate in time.
  3. Zero to One, Peter Thiel
    Lessons from a Sillicon Valley venture investor.

Top 3

The best books on stocks & recurring revenue

  1. Insider buy Superstocks, Jesse Stine
    Most authentic book you'll find about stocks, prices and markets.
  2. The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham
    A bestselling classic on disruptive innovation.
  3. How to make money in Stocks, William O'Neill
    How to be successful in all market circumstances.