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HelloFresh abonnementen verdienmodel


A recipe for a successful subscription

Ten years ago, a couple of guys from Berlin started a startup in meal boxes. In a short time, their company, HelloFresh, has grown into a successful multinational that delivers hundreds of millions of meals on a subscription basis. What is secret behind this success?

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How to make money with a bike

Swapfiets is set up by a couple of students from Delft. The blue band refers to Delft Blue. They do not sell bikes but convenience (Bicycle as a service - Boss). The company is growing fast. This case describes what Swapfiets does to become successful.

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Swapfiets subscription model


Cars on subscription?

Leasing is a familiar concept; you're stuck with the same car for several years. But what if after a few months you want to switch from a V40 to a V70, and then to a V60? How does Volvo do that?

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Light for rent

Light can be rented. Signify came up with that concept a few years ago. No need to buy expensive fixtures, just good lighting. Always and guaranteed. A revolutionary concept in thinking about what it's really about: having stuff or the function of it?

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