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Quickly take the first steps towards a subscription business model

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Take the first steps towards your own subscription model based on our smart scan.

  • Quick scan of your opportunities
  • Practical advice report
  • Inspiration session for your team

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Lay a solid foundation for your subscription revenue model and promising propositions.

  • Earnings model workshop
  • Concrete plan of action
  • Inspiration session for your team

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Work with us to build, test and launch your successful subscription(s) in the market.

  • Subscription strategy
  • Testing in the market
  • Roll out, fine-tune and maintain

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Why choose a subscription business model?

The subscription is not new. For decades, publishers, insurance companies, telecom and utility companies have been making money by offering ongoing subscriptions for their products and services.

In recent years, the subscription business has gained momentum. Newcomers such as Netflix, HelloFresh, Spotify, Dollar Shave Club and Swapfiets have won millions of customers in a short time with their attractive subscriptions.

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Advantages of the subscription as a revenue model

  • Recurring, predictable income
  • More value for customers and by customers
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Higher marketing efficiency
  • Continuous ‘market research’

How can Recurring Company help you?

We are happy to support you in researching and building a successful subscription business model. By understanding your market together, and by looking and thinking differently than you are used to, we create opportunities for 'recurring revenue'. We help you to cash in on these opportunities with our structured, plan-based approach:

  • Analyse & Validate
  • Build & Adjust
  • Roll out & Scale up

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Download our e-book “How to switch to a subscription business model?”

In this e-book you will learn about the most important trends behind the rise of subscriptions. You will read about the advantages of the subscription model but also how you can deal with objections. We also answer the important question: how do you introduce a successful subscription business model in your organisation?

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